Secret prescription


"Eyewear" is one of the important accessories and make your face expression colorful. In Japan, there is proverb "The eyes say more than mouth". "Eyewear" can decolate us and show arround our look attractively like a frame. "Seacret Remedy" is produced by a woman director, so there are many "secret prescriptions" like front shape, form, sizing and coloring everywhere. By these secrets, we can become more beautiful.


Seacret Remedy is particular about "Handmade in Japan". The eyewear that creators make for half a year through 250 manufacturing processes. These processes contains the particulars, kindness and desire of creators. And also, we use acetate made from cotton and metal is titanium material of all nickel free, and select the gentle materials for our body. We announce for everyone the eyewear made by creators carefully. Exactly, this is a rarity of "Handmade in Japan".

Brand Director : Mayumi Komukai


She specialized in fashion business and after that experienced sales promotion in a major company of glasses, press and merchandising.  In 2010, she announced the first collection from Co. Atelier Cinq.

October, In 2017, she established "Seacret Remedy".



Seacret Remedy:

Seacret is a coined term of "Sea" and "Secret".

Remedy means "prescription, treatment", and it originates from a traditional Chinese medicine therapy called Orient that has been handed down since ancient times in Europe.

Even in a simple way, we seting "secret prescription".






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